On Saturday we went to London for the day, mostly to visit Laura and Anthony but also to see a few museums and have a day out.

We arrived at 1 pm and walked through Hyde Park to get to a sushi restaurant called Kulukulu. I had found it googling and it had great reviews, so we decided to give it a try. It was awesome! The prices were great compared to Yo Sushi (the only sushi place we have in Oxford) and there were some unusual dishes too, like cold spinach with peanut sauce – yummy! The portions were good too so we didn’t end up spending masses like we do at Yo. Although I’m not a fan of fish, I do like going to sushi bars because the food is right there in front of you, you can take whatever you want, when you want, and you can eat just the right amount rather than having a huge plate in front of you that you can’t finish.

After lunch we looked around the Victoria and Albert Museum. I enjoyed the history of fashion section the most; Nick liked the plaster casts of various enormous columns and sculptures from around Europe. We walked around the area, ending up at the Royal Albert Hall during a downpour. I thought it would be a much more impressive building than it actually is. However, I do want to go to a Prom some time. Maybe later this summer. We also visited the Science Museum – there were a few gems in there like the steam engines section, and Nick enjoyed the mathematical models and geometry instruments, but overall we felt it wasn’t quite as good as the science museums we remember from our childhoods (Exploratory in Bristol and Techniquest in Cardiff).

In the evening we took the Tube out to Hampstead to have dinner with Laura and Anthony in their lovely flat. It’s a really nice area, very quiet in comparison with central London, yet not very far away. It’s almost like a little village within the city. They inspired us with their amazing vegetable garden on their balcony. Next year, now that our garden is in a good state, we’ll grow some too…


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