Money-free weekends

A while ago I found a post I really liked on a blog I follow, The Simple Dollar, giving 100 suggestions of activities to do on money-free weekends.

The concept is simple: take a weekend, and don’t spend any money. Not even for food. Eat what you have in the cupboard/freezer, and do activities that are free. Not all of the activities suggested count as fun in my book (who actually enjoys putting their financial papers in order, except accountants?) – but I like the idea of having a money-free weekend because the idea strikes me as a way to get ‘back to basics’ and enjoy a simpler, more frugal life.

Also, the activities in the post don’t have to be done at the weekend. Actually, they would be a great way to fill any spare time when it’s hard to think of something to do. This evening, for example, I feel a bit down and not that keen on doing my usual activities of going to the gym or cleaning, so I am making a loaf of bread. It’s rising in the kitchen right now. There is something therapeutic about knowing it is there gently rising and something enticing about the thought of the aromas which will fill the house as it bakes, and the taste of it once it is finished.


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