Things we grew this year

It seems that the summer is over. Autumn is upon us, with its deliciously crisp days and kaleidoscope of colours, making me want to eat nothing but pumpkin soup and roasted tomatoes.

Tomorrow my parents and I will be clearing my little back garden of its summer blooms, ready for the winter. I’ve had such a lot of fun in the garden this year, and have been rewarded by quite a lot of produce from it.

My successes have included mixed salad leaves, raspberries (I’m anticipating a second crop later in a couple of weeks), spinach, chard, lettuce, potatoes, carrots, runner beans, and blueberries. I have three butternut squash vines still growing, and I think at least one of them is going to fruit!

Failures: purple sprouting broccoli (never got going), dianthus (pinks – not sure why they didn’t grow), tomatoes (blown over by the wind), rhubarb (two of the three crowns lost all their leaves, but I’m hoping they’ll grow back next year). My strawberry plants are still in the ground, nearly all of them have survived so hopefully I’ll get some fruit from them next year.

Next year I hope to be a little bit more organised and plant a lot more pots of different vegetables. I like climbing ones the best, as they take up so little room for the size of crop you get. So perhaps green beans or peas instead of or as well as runner beans? As well as my trusty salads which are super-easy to grow, and totally fresh when you eat them.

All in all, it was another fun gardening year!


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