Preparing for winter part 2 – and plans for 2012

A month or so ago, I posted about preparing for winter. Life has been a bit mad since then, but some of the things on the list have been achieved. Curtains are in progress, the winter duvet has come out, the chimney has been fixed (thanks Nick!) and the loft has been insulated (thanks Nick and Eric!).

I still need to have a clear out of my closet and of the upstairs ‘junk’ cupboard. In fact, in 2012 I would like to declutter the whole house. So many things get held on to because they are sentimental, or they might be useful, or I am too busy to think about taking them to a charity shop or selling them. In reality, these things just take over and make life more complicated: more to clean, more to maintain, more to think about. Little by little, I would like to rid our home of the things that are mere clutter, things that we do not use, things that are past it, things that might be useful but then again they might not, and if we did need one we could easily get or borrow one.

That’s my mission!


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