Pregnancy so far… (17 weeks down, 23 to go)

Yes, I am pregnant! What an exciting time. It’s amazing that there’s a whole baby growing inside me all by itself.

So far, it’s been… interesting. The first 13 weeks were awash with sickness, fatigue, aversion to all food, and a myriad other disgusting symptoms that I’m not going to post about, as I’d rather forget them so that I don’t get put off having more babies in the future! Since then things have improved a lot. Growing a baby is a tiring business and Nick is really busy at work but Team Wu is muddling through very well actually. ‘The List’ of things we need to do before he or she gets here has been started and will in all likelihood be pored over by me and ignored by Nick, but it makes me feel better knowing it’s all down on paper, especially since ‘baby brain’ has turned out to be a genuine symptom. Who knew?! No food cravings as yet. If I haven’t had any by Week 38 I think I’ll have to invent one just so Nick has to go to the shop late at night to get it for me ha ha!

Coming up: more pregnancy updates.


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