Baby destination inspiration

It’s Tuesday, it’s half term, and it’s wet. Urgh. In half term, almost all baby and toddler activities are cancelled. So this morning (after getting Sophie weighed – she is now a hefty 8.4kg or 18lb 8oz!) I met with some other mummies and babies at the Central Library. The babies had a great time exploring all the books and generally creating havoc, but it was lacking something for the mummies – something hot, energising, and decadent… coffee! One of the other mummies commented that it’s a shame there aren’t many baby-friendly places to go in the city centre. Sure, there are plenty of cafes, but hardly any of them have enough room for a herd of giant prams and the associated rabble of noisy, crawling, teething babies. Funnily enough, at the clinic this morning the Children’s Centre manager and I were talking about the exact same problem, and I joked that I should set up a children’s cafe in the city. Maybe not such a funny idea? Mummies could come with their babies and toddlers to a safe place with toys, good changing facilities, baby-friendly food, and lots of coffee (and cake, of course!). Food for thought for me, as I prepare for life as a stay-at-home-mum. (Which, by the way, I’m really excited about – though I haven’t yet told my employer and that will be a difficult conversation!)

Just imagine a whole cafe filled with messy faces! We’d need a lot of baby wipes!


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