What’s cooking this week #5


I’m posting my meal plan at the start of the week this time. We’ll be away or out for some meals, so I’ve only had to plan for five days worth of food. I’ve been giving lunches and breakfasts some thought, too. I saw on another blog (goodcheapeats.com) the idea of using a breakfast rotation, and I’m wondering if that would be a good idea for us here, too.

Anyway, here’s what I’ll be cooking this week.

Chicken soup leftover from the weekend
Leek and cheese omelette
Hummus with pitta bread and carrot dippers
Ham sandwich with sweet potato chips
Hummus and tuna wraps

Beef and bean burritos
Sweet and sour pork with rice
Chicken ragu with pappardelle
Falafel burgers
Salmon tikka with naan bread

Since I started doing a proper meal plan and an online shop each week, I’ve found myself really looking forward to each meal, and enjoying having lots of variety in our diet. And I feel a lot less rushed and stressed about meals than I did before! I no longer have to visit the supermarket with pushchair and a baby who might cry or get hungry or wake up at an inconvenient moment four or five times a week, which is a relief, I can tell you! I do pop in for the odd thing if we run out, but my pram basket is no longer full to bursting each and every time I go into town. Hooray!

What are you cooking this week?

Laura x


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