What’s cooking this week #6

Happy Monday!

Last week we had a company a couple of times. It’s always so nice having friends and family round for meals. I love cooking special food and enjoying it with plenty of good conversation and laughter. But it doesn’t have to be special food! Twice, we had last-minute company, and it’s wonderful when that happens, because we can just share whatever we’re having.

So, here’s what was cooking:

Monday – Salmon tikka with naan (because last week, it turned into fishfingers and chips at the last minute, because that’s life)
Tuesday – Lentil dahl
Wednesday – Prawn korma with rice
Thursday dinner with friends – Salmon en croute, new potatoes, salad, followed by white chocolate fondue (yum)
Friday – Mediterranean beef stew
Saturday – Tomato and fennel soup for lunch / Stew leftovers for dinner
Sunday – Barbecue with several members of my lovely family – and a delicious and easy layered fruit trifle for dessert

How was your food week?

And when will I get round to posting some of these lovely recipes?

Laura x


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