How to have a clean house without really trying – Part 2

Here goes. My number 1 tip for faking a clean house?

Keep it tidy

The number one enemy of a clean house is an untidy house. That means I tidy the toys every evening, put mail in the in-tray or the bin, keep the kitchen counters clear, and put things away in their home, where they belong. If I’m going upstairs, I see if anything needs to be taken along.

The reason this is important is because it’s really hard to actually clean if there’s stuff everywhere. It gets in the way and makes the cleaning itself take a lot longer, which as you’ve discovered is not part of the game – the aim is to get the house clean in as little time as possible! I don’t have the time to spend an entire day cleaning each week, so I need to do it fast. Having a generally tidy house helps me to do that.

Also, people coming over probably won’t notice a bit of dirt, but they will notice if there’s stuff everywhere!

What this doesn’t mean is that I pounce on things out of place and put them back before whoever’s using them has finished! That wouldn’t be fun, for them or for me.

In my next post, I’ll tell you some more specific things that help me to keep it tidy!

See you soon!

Laura x


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