How to have a clean house without really trying – Part 6

Unfortunately, sometimes you just need to take a bit more time over it.

Set aside time for deep cleaning

I can only do this when I have babysitting from either Nick or another family member. But occasionally, I’ll take an hour or two or a half or whole day to tackle a big job, like cleaning the fridge (my absolute least favourite household chore), washing the windows, cleaning the oven (I use an amazing paint-on gel from Lakeland), a deep clean of the bathroom, or dusting underneath and behind furniture.

My whole cleaning mantra doesn’t work for a house that isn’t already reasonably clean and tidy, because it focuses on upkeep rather than turning around a previously messy place! Normally, that can be done in only a few minutes each day (as I’ve previously described), but without getting into the nooks and crannies (and the back of the fridge), it won’t be really clean.

It’s not that onerous though! I tackle my fridge/freezer, for example, probably once a quarter – because I wipe up spills as I go and it doesn’t really get that dirty that quickly. My windows? – once or twice a year. Underneath and behind furniture? – once a year, in the spring. By keeping up with the routine cleaning, I don’t need to do deep cleans that often, so it pays off doubly.


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