P is for Pincushion

Good morning!

Today, I’m going to show you how to make these lovely kilner jar pincushions. They are so easy and would make a wonderful gift. I’ve made several to give this Christmas.


A kilner jar with 2-part lid
A piece of cotton fabric about 20×20 cm
A small piece of felt
A small handful of toy stuffing
Craft glue / PVA glue
A spatula
Fabric scissors
A pencil
A ruler


1. Unscrew the lid of the jar and draw around the jar plate on the reverse of the cotton fabric. 

2. Use a ruler to mark a circle 2.5cm bigger than the jar lid. Cut out the circle.

3. Carefully cut small triangles all around the edge of the fabric. This helps reduce bulk so the lid will still fit on the jar.

4. Cut out a circle of felt to fit inside the jar lid.

5. Take the stuffing and scrunch it into a ball. Place it on the centre of the fabric.

6. Put the jar plate over the stuffing, and push it through the jar rim to form the pincushion.

7. Use craft or PVA glue to stick the fabric to the plate. Use glue underneath and on top of the fabric so it sticks really well and as flat as possible.

8. Glue the felt to the plate to cover the raw edges of the cotton fabric. Screw the lid of the jar on straight away so that the glue sets in place.

(It should look like this.)

8. Have fun with your embellishments! I used some lace trim (£1.39 per metre) and paper flowers on wires (£1.29 for 6) from Hobbycraft.



You can fill the jar with whatever you would like. I included a tape measure, some ribbons, cotton thread, a needle (safely tucked inside the thread), some cute buttons, some safety pins, and a needle threader.

Laura x


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