T is for Tree Decoration

Happy Friday everyone!

Some people have a lot of handmade decorations on their tree. Most of ours have been bought from various shops (though we do have a lovely bauble that Emilie made for Sophie’s first Christmas, and a felt star that my Nan made for Sophie this year). I thought it would be a nice idea to start a tradition of making a new decoration for Sophie for the tree each year. So today I quickly made this felt dove inspired by the Christmas special of the Great British Sewing Bee which I watched this week.

Cute bird tree decoration in less than an hour!

Isn’t it cute? It was so easy to make. I made a paper template and cut out two pieces of cream felt. Then I cut out some tiny hearts out of red felt, and stitched them on using small running stitches with red embroidery thread. I used the same thread to sew the two doves together with mattress stitch, around the outside and over a small loop of ribbon for hanging the ornament, tucked between the layers. Just before getting to the end, I pushed in some toy stuffing (using a chopstick!), and sewed up the final few stitches. It took less than an hour, and that was alongside entertaining and feeding a baby!

Have a great weekend!

Laura x


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