XYZ are for Xmas, Yule, and Zzzz

It’s Christmas Eve! And I’m left with the final three letters of the alphabet. So…

X is for Xmas – a reminder that the Christ in Christmas ended on a cross

Y is for Yule – an old word for Christmas, but one which actually stems from a pagan midwinter festival – which is basically what Christmas has become again – which is why I wrote about Jesus in many of these advent posts

Z is for Zzzz – I’ll be offline for a while now. My blog will be moving to a new site soon so I’ll be spending a bit of time setting that up, which means I won’t be posting as much, if at all, for a while.

So, all that remains is for me to say Happy Christmas, and I hope you will know the peace and grace of Christ this season and in the coming year.

Laura x


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