Afternoon tea for my baby’s birthday

Last week, my sweet baby Matthew had his first birthday. It’s hard to believe a year has gone by already since he was born. I’m sure I will say that every year of his life.

We wanted to have a small but special celebration for Matthew’s birthday, since we thought he wouldn’t enjoy or appreciate a big and noisy party. So we gathered together our closest family for a little afternoon tea party.


Matthew 06-DSC_0066wore an adorable little sailor outfit which was actually my brother’s when he was a baby. I love vintage fashions and am so glad my mum kept quite a few of our baby clothes.

The balloons were a really big hit with both Matthew and Sophie!

We didn’t play any party games, but everyone was obliged to draw a picture of Matthew and write him a birthday message. Uncle Julien was the artistic winner!

07-3 years oldI kept the food relatively simple and only made things that I had made before and that I knew everyone would like (they can be fussy, my family!). A lot of it I prepared in advance and just defrosted at the appropriate time. We had a big Victoria sponge birthday cake with blue icing and cloud decorations. The clouds were really easy: I just cut them out with a sharp knife and stuck them on the hardened fondant with a little water using an artist’s paintbrush. Then I brushed a bit of edible glitter on them to give them some shimmer. It may have been a boy’s party, but I was in charge of catering and decorating!


I decorated the room simply with bunting and flowers from the garden. I also made a little display of some Matthew memorabilia: scan pictures, a photo of him from the early days, some newborn (very small!) clothes, and one of the toys which was with him in hospital, which looked enormous then and looks tiny now!


It was a really lovely party. It was so special to celebrate our Matthew with our family and to remember just how amazing he is.

Matthew, you are truly a gift from God. Happy birthday.

Afternoon Tea Party Menu

Victoria sponge birthday cake
Scones, jam and clotted cream
Chocolate cupcakes
Mini sandwich rolls – egg and cress, smoked salmon and cream cheese, ham and cucumber
Mini bacon quiches
Tea and Pimms’


Lovely chocolate cupcakes and bunting made with skewers and washi tape!


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