What’s cooking this week #11

Well, another week is over. We ate loads of great food, mostly not resembling the scrapings of a barrel. Our freezer is nearly bare. I’m bracing myself for bigger food bills in the coming weeks as we won’t be living on reserves anymore. However, I’m going to try to avoid making too many meals that require ‘special’ ingredients. Honestly, I think that’s why we had such a lot of random stuff in our cupboards in the first place, as I had bought packets of things and used half for one recipe and didn’t know what to do with the rest. No more!

Here’s what was cooking this week. We had a few desserts as they have been hanging around for a while. I also made a cake (walnut cake) on Friday evening, and for the first time in ages I baked bread on Saturday. By Saturday evening I was all cooked out. So we had a Chinese takeaway. It was delicious.

  • Monday: Sausages, pasta, chips and peas / Yoghurt
  • Tuesday: Tuna spaghetti nicoise / Drop scones and fruit
  • Wednesday: Spaghetti bolognese / Rice pudding
  • Thursday: Lasagne / Rice pudding
  • Friday: Freezer meal for kids, lasagne leftovers for us
  • Saturday: Maneesh flatbread, soup, hummus, chicken goujons
  • Sunday: Lots of leftovers (project empty cupboards is nearly complete!)

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