30 for 30 update #1

Remember my little project to achieve 30 personal and entirely frivolous goals in the year following my 30th birthday?

It’s been fun so far! I turned 30 in September and here we are at the tail end of November already. I’m not really actively pursuing the completion of the list, but some of the things are happening just as life goes on.

Here’s how it’s going.

#1. Picnic at a park or beach. Two have happened. Two! One at a beach and one at a park.

#2. Read a book. I’ve read several! And I even posted a review of one!

#3. Blog more. Well… my blog has seen a revival!

#4. Pray more. If only.

#5. Do a jigsaw. Not on your nelly. With a toddler and baby around? It’s going to take some planning to achieve this one!

#6. Finish my jumper (that I started about four years ago!). Not yet.

#7. Make macarons. Not yet. I am determined to do this one!

#8. Learn and perform a new piece. On the violin or piano? Not yet.

#9. Swim in the sea. Done!

#10. Exercise more. I went on a couple of runs… Now it’s winter. I shall be eating cake and wearing woolly jumpers until March. Then I’ll start this.

#11. Make someone a birthday cake. I made one for Matthew’s first birthday, and I was really proud of it. I hope to make more. I love cake.

#12. Go on a day trip to the seaside (Weston-super-Mare, anyone?). We did this! I actually took my children on a trip to the seaside at Weston-super-Mare, my home town! It was lots of fun.

#13. Sort photos into albums. Well. We decided to start storing our enormous collection of digital photos in iCloud. It was a bit of a mission collating them all, weeding out duplicates, trashing an enormous stack of random pictures of tattoos that had somehow accumulated (I honestly have no clue – no clue – where they came from), and getting them uploaded. Now they’re there, I’ve started to finally do something with them.

#14. Buy new cushions for the lounge. I’ve got my eye on some.

#15. Enter a baking competition (or run one?!). Hmmm.

#16. Host a dinner party. I would so love to do this.

#17. Do something different or dramatic with my hair. Funds permitting, I am going to do this.

#18. Have a facial. Aaaah. Bliss. I have done this one. Thanks to my lovely siblings for the voucher!

#19. Do a 10K run. See #10 above.

#20. Take the children to the zoo. We are now members. We go a lot.

#21. Sew a skirt or dress. Here’s hoping.

#22. Invest in and use good face creams (I’m in my 30s now!). No wrinkles yet. At the first sign of one, you will find me at the Clinique counter in Boots.

#23. Go out for Japanese food. Yum. But it hasn’t happened yet.

#24. Host Christmas. TBA.

#25. Start studying something. I bought some books… but nope.

#26. Floss every day. Yup. I’m totally rocking this one. Bought 10 packs of floss. Now on the last one. Need to restock.

#27. Do a hat making class/course. Not yet.

#28. Go on a hot holiday. Dream!

#29. Spa day. Hope so!

#30. Go on a weekend trip with Nick (Paris? Bruges? Bognor?). I just left Matthew with my mum for a few hours for the first time. Maybe I’ll be able to cope with an overnight by the end of the year.

Goals completed: 7  (# 1, 2, 9, 11, 12, 18, 20)

Goals in progress: 3  (#3, 13, 26)

Not started: 20 (#4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30)

I need a rest now!


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