Toddler-friendly felt Christmas tree

I am ridiculously excited about my most recent Christmas craft. I have made a toddler-friendly Christmas tree for my little ones to play with! These felt trees are all over Pinterest so there’s nothing new about them, but I wanted to share my effort anyway.


The whole thing took me no more than 2-3 hours (it’s hard to estimate because I did it over several evenings), and I used materials that were either really cheap to buy or I already had on hand.


To make your own, you would need

  • A large piece of green felt
  • Smaller pieces or scraps of felt in various colours
  • Sequins, buttons, and other embellishments (optional)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • The hook side of hook-and-loop fastening*

That’s all! I raided my children’s craft box for the sequins and things, and I bought the felt in the local craft shop (I spent about £8 but I have absolutely tons left over).

*There are blogs out there that tell you that felt sticks to itself and you don’t need any kind of adhering method, but that isn’t true of all felts and I found that mine didn’t stick together at all. I managed to find little squares of the hook side only for sale on eBay.


I haven’t yet figured out how we’ll affix it to the wall, but I’m thinking of using hot glue to stick it to a big bit of wallpaper, and using masking tape to stick the paper on the wall.

My hope is that my children will enjoy decorating and redecorating this tree so much that they’ll leave the real one alone!




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