How to enjoy your toddler

As I’ve got more experienced as a parent, I’ve learnt more and more about enjoying my children at whatever stage they’re at. With my older one, I was always wanting her to get to the next stage and make progress in the skills she was learning. The result is it’s all gone so quickly and I feel, in some ways, that I didn’t appreciate her as much as I could have at each stage.

With my younger one, I’m happier to sit back and just observe him doing what he does. Today, that was playing at balancing a toilet roll tube on top of an empty shampoo bottle, and beaming when he managed it.

My 3-year-old is at a very screamy and difficult stage. Some days I feel I’m at my wits’ end. But she’s also at the stage of wanting me to read stories while snuggled under a blanket on the sofa, making gingerbread biscuits with me, stealing biscuits from the jar and giving one to her brother, and making playdough pancakes for us to ‘eat’ for lunch. There are many things to appreciate, alongside the challenging moments.


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