365 new days

I’m not a big one for celebrating the new year, or making new year’s resolutions. I always feel it’s just another day, though I do love the fact that (mostly) everyone is on holiday and the shops are shut and there are usually lots of Christmas chocolates left over to eat!

However, the start of a new year does prompt me to look – look back, and look forward. Even for me – who for the past decade (since leaving behind the peer-pressured teenage years) has ushered in the new year sound asleep in my bed – there is something about the new year that feels, well, new.

I have been thinking about why this might be, and my thinking is that it’s because a year is a frame of time that I can easily comprehend. Ask me what I was doing this time last year? I can tell you easily (4-month-old baby, just moved house, new city – surely this year has to be better?!). Ask me what I think I’ll be doing in a year’s time? I have a vague idea (I can imagine what my children will be like a year from now, and I have hopes about what our family might achieve in the coming twelve months). But ask me what I’ll be doing in two, or three, or five years? That’s much harder to contemplate.

The new year, it feels like a new leaf. A fresh start. There are hopes, and plans, and goals. It follows on from the rush and glitz of Christmas so smoothly, so quietly. After all that fuss, it’s good to sit down (with a cup of tea, preferably), and review and plan and think. I’m not making any resolutions (I won’t keep them – though I do have a couple of projects in mind), or having any big celebrations (it’s just another day), but I’m looking at the new year as 365 new days of unwritten life which I get to put my stamp on. I know that God already knows what each day will hold, so I’m not anxious or afraid as I step out into the new year. I’m just excited, and grateful.


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