My Facebook-free month

Facebook_Vector_Logo_Hd_02For the month of December, I went Facebook-free. Sort of. I deleted the Facebook app from my smartphone and resolved to only look at it on my desktop computer.

And here we are in mid-January, and I still haven’t put the app back on my phone. Why? Because I don’t miss it.

Initially I got annoyed at only using it on the desktop, mainly because I didn’t have enough emojis 😉 Then I remembered the power of words. I can express everything I want to with words, I don’t need smiley, laughing-crying, or monkey-covering-eyes faces!

Not having Facebook on my phone has helped me to be less distracted from my children, my husband, and my home. My times for sitting down at my computer are limited to quiet moments, naptimes, and after bed, coming sporadically through the day, so I am no longer ‘just looking’ at Facebook all the time. My time and my attention have been liberated.

nutellaThe funny thing is, I’m probably more active on Facebook now than I have ever been before. I contribute to groups and I post photos and statuses. Instead of browsing aimlessly, I use it intentionally. The only thing that now bothers me about having less immediate access is that sometimes I see interesting threads that I would like to contribute to, but by the time I look at them what I want to say is out of date, or the comments have got so tangential that the original point has been lost. You know what I mean. The thread that started off about why to vaccinate your children and ended up being about Nutella.

I still use Twitter and Instagram on my phone, because it’s much easier and quicker for flicking between accounts and posting photos. But I don’t think I’ll add Facebook back on there anytime soon.

To find and connect with me on social media, scroll to the bottom of my homepage and click away!


One thought on “My Facebook-free month

  1. K Corrie says:

    Me too! Thanks for encouraging me to do this. I missed it lots and lots… for the first 5 days or so, after that I didn’t miss it one jot (and realised that it was fuelling an unhelpful ‘there must be something exciting going on out there’ mentality). I missed it so little that I actually disabled my facebook account to see whether it mad a difference. It did, as when I needed to ask Bristol Mum’s about nannies, or ask my friend about the motherease she had for sale I was stuck. So I’m back on, but with a new resolve in 2015 to be more intentional about my use, and not to use it for entertainment’s sake. Thanking the Lord for the self control he gave me not to use it on my phone, and for the heart lesson he’s taught me about it.


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