Baking with my babies: Gingerbread house

Gingerbread houses are one of my favourite things about Christmas baking. I love them! They look so cute and quaint. One year, I’d love to make a whole village, but this year we could only manage a solitary cottage, and in January at that.

Gingerbread is great to make with children because it’s such a simple dough that doesn’t take long to make and doesn’t involve the electric mixer (my children are both scared of the noise – anyone else’s?). We used a recipe which didn’t require chilling before rolling and cutting, which was ideal because what child can wait patiently for 30 minutes while dough chills before getting busy with the cutter? We used half our dough to make the house, and the rest to make gingerbread men, which are wonderful for littles to decorate with sweets, icing, and sprinkles. (I used this as one of the activities to keep the children busy at our new year’s day party.)

Assembling the house was easy using piped royal icing (from a packet, the from-scratch brilliant white beautiful stuff is not necessary here!). I did it the night before decorating.

And here it is:

Sophie decorated one side and I did the other. Can you tell who did which? 😉 We used the leftover royal icing to stick on chocolate buttons, jelly babies, and dolly mixtures. If it had been left to me, there would have been elegant piping, emulating some of the amazing versions you can find online (like these), but honestly, where’s the fun in that?

She was so happy and proud!


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