What’s cooking this week #12

I have done quite a bit of cooking this week and it has been great! After the rush of December, January has had a slower pace and I am enjoying just being home and out of the cold and having a simple life.

Recently, a friend asked me for inspiration for what to make for dinner with the salmon and noodles she had in her fridge. My mind started jumping around about all the things she could put on the salmon: teriyaki sauce, fresh ginger and soy sauce, cream cheese and breadcrumbs, curry paste… If I’m honest, though, meal planning is not usually that easy for me, as it can be a struggle to think of meals that are varied, that the whole family will enjoy, and that won’t swallow too much of our food budget. I don’t think I’m alone in that. So I share my meal plans to inspire.

Here’s what was cooking this week. I also ate a huge amount of chocolate and cake. The Christmas stuff is still hanging around. I need to stop.

  • Monday: Leftovers from Sunday lunch
  • Tuesday: Pork stroganoff with rice and vegetables
  • Wednesday: Sausages, mash and broccoli
  • Thursday: Spaghetti bolognese with sugarsnap peas
  • Friday: Fish and chips
  • Saturday: Chicken biryani
  • Sunday: Char siu pork with roast potatoes and vegetables / Apple and blueberry cobbler

What did you cook this week? Share to inspire others!


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