My dream bake off

I {heart} the Great British Bakeoff. Cakes, melodrama, and Mel and Sue. What could be better?

I’ve recently been baking a lot more and am currently on a mission to perfect my swiss roll making skills. It’s got me thinking about what I would make if I were in the shoes of the bakers on GBBO. So, based on the signature bakes and showstopper challenges of Series 6 (2015), (and with the serious disclaimer that these are ideas from my head and I have no idea whether they would work in practice), I am proud to present…

My Dream Bake off

Week 1 – Madeira cake / Black Forest gateau

Cherry  bakewell madeira cake: madeira soaked with almond syrup and filled with almond buttercream and cherry and kirsch curd

Light and dark chocolate black forest gateau: layers of white and dark chocolate sponge topped with chocolate ganache and decorated with whipped cream, chocolate-coated cherries and chocolate trees

Week 2 – biscotti / biscuits presented in an edible biscuit box

Triple chocolate and cranberry biscotti: cocoa-infused biscotti with white and dark chocolate chips and freeze-dried cranberries, dipped in melted dark chocolate

Lemon shortbread box and Breton biscuits: box made of lemon shortbread with piped decorations, containing Breton butter biscuits (also known as sables)

Week 3 – quick breads / 3D bread sculpture

Bacon, brie and sun-dried tomato soda breads

Rooster bread: the challenge was to make a 3D bread sculpture using three different kinds of bread dough, one of which had to be filled – so I am thinking of a basic white loaf for the body, filled and shaped bread for the tail and crest, and a different kind of dough for the ‘nest’!

Week 4 – Creme Brulees / Three-Tiered Cheesecake

Rhubarb and ginger creme brûlée or Coffee and Baileys creme brûlée or Passionfruit and white chocolate creme brûlée (can’t decide on this one!)

Classic cheesecakes tower: New York cheesecake (vanilla), lemon cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake topped with raspberries and blueberries

Week 5 – Sugar-free Cake / Dairy-free Ice-cream Roll

Sugar-free simnel cake

Death by chocolate ice-cream roll: fatless chocolate sponge, raspberry jam, chocolate ice-cream made with almond milk

WEek 6 – Frangipane Tart / Vol-au-Vents

Honey roasted fig and frangipane tart

Wimbledon vol-au-vents: white chocolate creme patissiere and glazed strawberries
Sweet chilli salmon vol-au-vents: cream cheese filling and sweet chilli baked salmon

Week 7 – Victorian Raised Game Pie / Charlotte Russe

Chinese raised game pie: venison, boar, and minced pork filling with char siu marinade in hot water crust pastry, decorated with mini pastry animals

Mango, lime and blueberry charlotte russe: chocolate-dipped ladyfingers encasing lime jelly, mango bavarois, and topped with whipped cream and blueberries

Week 8 – Cream Horns / Religieuse a L’Ancienne

British pudding cream horns: banoffee cream horns filled with banana creme patissiere rippled with salted caramel, summer pudding cream horns filled with whipped cream and topped with fresh summer berries

Religieuse a l’ancienne traditionnelle: chocolate and caramel eclairs filled with creme patissiere and decorated with vanilla buttercream

Week 9 – Chocolate Tart / Chocolate Centrepiece

Chocolate, pecan and salted caramel tart finished with mirror glaze and chocolate flowers and foliage

Chocolate lighthouse: I didn’t really understand the chocolate centrepiece challenge, as there was hardly any baking involved aside from a token biscuit element… anyway, I think I would have tried to make a chocolate lighthouse with seashell biscuits and some other lighthouse-y things

Week 10 – Iced Buns / Classic British Cakes

Cinnamon and maple iced buns
Lemon and ginger iced buns

Victoria sponge three ways: tiered Victoria sponges in classic, lemon, and coffee flavours, decorated with piped buttercream and fondant icing and other frilly fancies!

So there you have it!

And here is a selection of my favourite bakes from the series. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “My dream bake off

  1. sandroscakery says:

    That looks amazing! Those photos are delicious haha, by the way if you get the chance could you check my blog out? New blog-maker and posting things about my cake making business; everything I do/make and I keep track of all my projects and every endeavor on there too. Thank you 🙂 ps – nice blog!


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