Who what and why

So, I’ve signed up to this Blogging 101 course run by WordPress to help bloggers make their blogs awesome. And the first assignment is to write a post about who I am and why I’m here. as of today, I’ve written almost 200 posts on this blog, so it seems a little weird to introduce myself now. But honestly, what I write about is constantly evolving as I come up with new ideas and as my interests and hobbies change and develop. So I guess this will just be a bit of a ramble about what this is all about at the moment.

Anyone who reads my blog will know that I’m passionate about food, my family, and my faith. Not necessarily in that order. My first blog was actually a food blog, which I started because people were always asking me for my recipes when they came round for dinner at our house. I then started a new blog which comprised of ramblings about what we were up to, still including lots of food. Along the way I had a baby, and I started her very own blog where I would post photos and things she’d been up to for our family to read. It was the easiest way of keeping a lot of people up to date with her goings-on. Then, I came here. And the rest of the story is plain to see in my posts. There it still plenty of food, alongside parenting, local knowledge, craft, family news, and other bits and bobs that take my fancy. But mainly food. I just love it.

I blog because I love to write. It’s really that simple. I also keep a personal diary (very sporadically), but to tell the truth, I highly prefer writing to an audience, rather than just to myself. I probably will never read the diaries that I keep, but I think that maybe some people will enjoy reading this blog, and to me that’s much more valuable. And to be honest, it is also a bit of a virtual brain-dump for me. Because where else would I write down my recipes and things and know exactly where to find them when I want to make them again?

I love followers and comments, too! And I’ve found so many lovely blogs and bloggers since I started here. I love connecting with people who share my passions and people who are just exploring the things I write about. Plus, my family enjoy seeing the photos of the children which I put up here. Hello! 🙂

I hope that in the coming months I’ll be able to write a lot more recipes, ideas, and family news on here, and that anyone who reads this blog will just take away a tiny piece of inspiration to add some glitter to life. We can all learn so much from each other.

Oh, and because I prefer posts with pictures, here’s a totally random selfie of me and my brilliant daughter which I took earlier.

IMG_5814 (1)


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