Writing room

What would my dream writing room be like? It would be light and airy. It would have an enormous window, letting in all the breeze and all the light. It would have little furniture other than a well-worn wooden table, a writing chair, a comfy armchair, a bookcase filled with all my favourite books, and a side table for in and out papers. It would have a fireplace with a mantel holding a clock, a vase of fresh flowers (tulips or roses), a picture of my husband and children, and nothing else. There would always be a pot of tea and a china teacup on the table, probably alongside a patisserie or two, set on a beautiful tray. The walls would be bare aside from one large picture – I don’t know what of. In the winter, there would be a woodburner warming the room. In the summer, the window would always be open, rain or shine. I would listen to nothing but Beethoven. There would be a piano. A grand one. The view outside wouldn’t matter because I would have my nose in a book or my fingers on the computer or piano all day long.


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