Life in Pictures: Half Term

We survived February half term! I had been anticipating a tough week entertaining two toddlers but it was actually a positively wonderful week. I (and Matthew, I think!) truly enjoyed Sophie’s company, and she seemed to have a good time too. We did lots of baking, crafts, and colouring; we went on the bus to the city centre and saw Nick at the museum; we went to the library; we had a playdate with one of her preschool friends and went scooting at the park; we played with play dough, Duplo, her knights and princesses playbook, and the train set; we watched Pocahontas on the one afternoon I felt weary, and discovered CBeebies Bedtime Stories which she utterly adores; we read tons of books; Nana visited for a morning; we made blanket dens and had a trip to the ‘beach’ in the kitchen, complete with sun hats and a pretend picnic. She only asked if she could go to preschool on the last afternoon of the week. I will be sad when I have to drop her off on Monday morning. This week has been so relaxed and unhurried, and we’ve had so much fun together.


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