Bake off is back!

Bake off is back!

And, I was so excited, I bought a TV licence for the occasion.

As I write this post, the internet is going crazy over the fact that GBBO is moving from BBC1 to Channel 4. Sad times. And no more wonderful Mel and Sue. I have taken to Twitter to express my views on this. Love Productions, you know how I feel.

But yay! I get to enjoy this series whilst it is being broadcast! (I know I would’ve had to buy a licence anyway as they changed the rules about iPlayer, blah blah blah, but I’m still excited. Don’t look at me that way.)

Three weeks in and three contestants have left. I was on board with the first two departures, but was a little baffled by the entire bread episode, during which the majority of the bakers seemed to regress to know-nothings and, frankly, didn’t come up with the goods. Except that corn dolly. Oh Kate, why do you have to be so perfect?

If you want to read a hilarious blow-by-blow account of the silliness, you won’t find it here. (I’m all about the baking, though I do enjoy the jokes too.) Head over to Stuck in a Book. Almost as good as watching the show itself.

Anyway, last year I gave you my dream bake off after the whole shenanigans was over. This year, I thought I’d post as the series goes on! I know, I spoil you.

I toyed ever so briefly with the idea of doing a bake-along with the technical challenges, but frankly, I’m not going to be making any jaffa cakes, ‘cos I can just buy them. However, I decided to try to bake to theme some weeks, and post a few ideas about what I would have made if I were in the tent, and maybe a recipe or two.

And so here I am. The first week was cake week, and I decided to make a pistachio, lemon and rose drizzle cake for my dream entry to the signature challenge. I’ll be posting the recipe in my next post. My showstopper would have been Earl Grey chiffon cake filled with lavender buttercream and covered with dark chocolate mirror glaze, but I don’t have sufficient spare hours for that kind of fiesta.

Mango, white chocolate and cardamom brioche wreath

Mango, white chocolate and cardamom brioche wreath

In week 2, the bakers were asked to make iced biscuits. I’ve made quite a lot of these in the past, but you know, for bake off, the standard biscuit recipe won’t do. So I’m envisaging Tartan Hearts, heart-shaped bakewell-flavoured shortbread with tartan-style icing. (Tartan hearts… tart with a heart… get it?) Cute! And for the showstopper it was a gingerbread scene, so I guess I would have made a gingerbread scene… while trying not to make a scene.

Week 3, bread week. The chocolate bread signature would have had to be the white chocolate, mango and cardamom wreath that I made earlier this year (in a smaller version). The showstopper was a bread centrepiece which had to include a plait and three different kinds of flour. And I have to admit that I have *absolutely no idea* what I would have made. Bread is not my forte. I’d like to get better at it though.


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