helloimageHello! You’ve stumbled upon my little corner of the internet. Let me introduce myself…

I’m Laura, wife to my brilliant husband Nick, and stay-at-home mum to two amazing preschoolers. We live in a little terraced house in Bristol, UK.

I love making things, baking, crafting, tea, exploring, cake, Jesus, decluttering, reading recipe books, planning, lists, wellies, and holidays. I do not love traffic jams, rude people, or cats. Oh, and whenever I have the time, I blog.

You’ll find all sorts here: family life, yummy recipes, craft ideas, places we’ve explored, things we’ve done, parenting joys and challenges. I write about the things I love, and I hope that anyone who reads will take away a little bit of inspiration and sparkle to add to their own daily life.

What you won’t find here: perfection. It’s just not possible.

Whoever you are, you are welcome. Especially fellow mums. You all rock.

Please do not use any content (including, but not limited to, images and text) from this site without written permission.

You can read a bit more about me and my family here.