I’ve moved

Relocation alert! Yeah, I love a redesign. A new name too. saltedcaramelmum.wordpress.com See you there! Xxx


Courgette, pea and lemon risotto

At the end of our garden, we have a little veg patch. This year our biggest successes were sunflowers (the first lot got eaten by snails, the second lot were vigorously pelleted and survived to a great height) and yellow courgettes. We had so many that I made at least four or five meals with … Continue reading Courgette, pea and lemon risotto

31 today

I'm 31 today. My birthday comes the day after Sophie’s. Last week, she asked me if I would be making myself a birthday cake and I told her I thought I would never make myself a birthday cake again! The weekend celebrating our beautiful daughter’s birthday was wonderful. And exhausting. So this rainy Monday morning I’ve … Continue reading 31 today